Who has the best Obamacare Plan for 2016?

I have done exhaustive research to pick my top 4 Obamacare plans of the more than 70 offered in the Austin Texas area.

1-Vero_Department_of_Health_and_Human_Services_Secretary_Kathleen_Sebelius_promoted_the_health_insurance_marketplace_under_the_Affordable_Care_Act_during_aSeveral things determine what plan will be best for you. If you are getting a tax credit and a subsidy you should look at Silver plans. If you need prescription drug coverage for name brand drugs you must look at Silver plans, but if you rarely see the doctor I recommend a Bronze Plan. Here are my top health plans for 2016 and why.

Humana Silver 3800/Austin HMOx  is the lowest cost plan and has the best prescription benefit.

UnitedHealthcare Silver Compass Balanced 2000 Silver EPO has a larger network of providers.

Scott and White Health Plan PPO 5000 Silver PPO offers the only PPO plan.

Blue Advantage Bronze HMO 105 – Two $40 PCP Visits Bronze HMO offers the lowest cost plan with an office co-pay.

You can get your tax credit and enroll in a health plan in just 15 minutes easy with our new system. It is linked directly to the back end of Healthcare.gov saving you time and headaches. Not only is my new enrollment process crazy fast, it provides the most user friendly experience available! To see all the plans that are available in your county just click HERE or call us and we can do it for you.

If you live outside the Austin area and are not getting a tax credit, it is best just to give us a call (512) 900-3008.

Take Care!

Greg Downing 

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