Save on Your Medicare Supplement Plan as easy as 1-2-3!

If you are new to Medicare and selecting coverage for the first time or shopping to save money on your current coverage follow these three simple steps and you will save money guaranteed!

1.  Use and Independent Agent that specializes in Medicare supplements. Quality Independent Agents work with numerous insurance companies in order to find you the best deal. If possible find a agent in your area that you can sit down with and meet face to face.

2.  All Medicare Supplement plans are created equally but the price varies greatly. A Medicare Supplement plan F from Mega Insurance company will provide the exact same benefits as a plan F  with the Super Insurance company with the only difference being cost.

3.  Narrow your options. While there are several Medicare supplement plans to chose from the most popular are Plan F and Plan G. In almost every case Plan G will provide the best coverage at the lowest price.

We are here to make it easy to get a Medicare supplement plan and save you money. Click on the following links for more details on each topic.

How to sign up for Medicare Part A and B.

How to get the best Medicare Part D (drug plan) every year.

Why Plan G

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