Why you Need a Medicare Supplement

The first part of the video explains the cost of Medicare Parts A and B, and what they cover. The second part shows you why you need a Medicare Supplement Plan and what your total cost will be when you move to Medicare.


You must be signed up for Medicare Parts A and B in order to purchase a Medicare supplement plan. Here is the link to get signed up.

You will also need to get a Medicare Part D (Prescription Plan) to complete your coverage and to avoid paying a penalty.

If you do not join a Medicare drug plan during your Initial Enrollment Period, you may not be able to enroll until Fall Open Enrollment. Fall Open Enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7. Changes and enrollments made during Fall Open Enrollment become effective January 1.

Visit www.Medicare.gov to shop and compare ALL Medicare approved plans in Texas.  This is the best way to never over pay for your Medicare Part D.

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