Medicare Checklist

Sign up for Medicare Parts A and B.                                

You should enroll in Medicare Parts A and B three months prior to your 65th birthday. You can do this online or physically go to your local Social Security office and sign up there. If you are already taking your Social Security benefits you will automatically be signed up for Medicare Parts A and B, so no action is required on your part.

Sign up for a Medicare Supplement Plan.

I recommend Medicare Supplement plan G because it is currently the most comprehensives plan, you can do this the same time you sign up for Medicare. Click HERE for more information on Medicare Supplements plans.

Have a Plan for Long-Term Care.

According to Health and Human Services, 70% of us will need some form of long- term care in our lifetime that Medicare does not pay for. How will you pay for it? Lack of planning will always have an adverse effect on your family that results in great sacrifice and financial cost on the part of your spouse or children.

Sign up for a Medicare Part D (Prescription) Plan.

I do not sell Medicare Part D plans, but I will help you find a plan. The best way to find the most cost-effective plan is to go to and enter your zip code and prescriptions. It will then show you the best plan based on your prescriptions and location.

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