Health Insurance under 65

Are you looking for an affordable health insurance plan? Are you self-employed, a small business owner or retired (not on Medicare)?

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Finding health insurance plans can be confusing and time consuming, but with the help of your local independent insurance specialist, it is easy! We do all the work and you get the right plan at the right price. It's just that simple, and best of all, it costs you nothing because we are compensated by the insurance companies to help you through this process.

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What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a good way to help you manage your health care costs. You pay health care companies a premium – a set amount of money each month. In return, you get benefits to pay for your eligible health care expenses. This can include regular doctor checkups,  injuries, or treatment for long-term illnesses.

Because health care can be expensive, it’s a smart idea to have health insurance so you’re prepared for when you or your family have medical needs.

Why Should I Have Health Insurance?

  • You never know when you’ll need medical help. If something unexpected happens like a car accident or illness, medical expenses can add up quickly.
  • Many preventive care services – like checkups - are covered at 100%. Health insurance can also save you money prescription drugs, preventative care and other medical services.
  • Under the Affordable Care Act you may pay a penalty if you don’t have qualified health care coverage.