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Medicare is a federal insurance program that provides healthcare coverage to those eligible. To be eligible, you must be 65 or older, or under 65 with a disability.

Social Security

Benefits from Social Security are intended to replace a portion of your pre-retirement income based on your earnings. 

Long-Term Care

Not everyone needs long term care, but it is important to look at why you may need it in the future and the costs associated with it.

Five Common Medicare Mistakes

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Our Reviews

  • Greg Downing gets 10 stars in my book. I have a Masters Degree and my husband is a surgeon and we could not figure out anything from the Medicare Booklet sent out each year. Read it from cover to cover and was absolutely frustrated. Talk about worthless. Then a friend recommended Greg to us and it was an answer to our frustration and confusion. Greg worked with us and he was excellent. He explained... read more

    EAGLE Avatar

    Greg was great ! He knows his stuff and I trust him explicitly. Can't go wrong with him.

    Marty Mitchell Avatar
    Marty Mitchell

    Taking this big leap to get onto Medicare can be very confusing and overwhelming but Jason made it very easy to understand and personalized it with what our needs were. Great follow up and attention to detail I knew we went to the right place! And to make changes in the future if needed and to re-evaluate plans every year is just a phone call away.

    Janis Fritsch Avatar
    Janis Fritsch
  • Greg was very helpful and informative in helping my husband, John, find a Medicare Gap Policy and educating us about plans including what we need to know about drug plans. He returned his call and sent info promptly. We are fully satisfied with his service. Thanks so much, Greg! This would have been so much more difficult without your help

    Gerri Giovanniello Avatar
    Gerri Giovanniello

    Greg Downing did an outstanding job helping me to enroll in Medicare and a medigap plan. He went beyond the call of duty to help me enroll in Part D which was a plan he does not sell. I would highly recommend him for a stress free Medicare enrollment.

    David Loftis Avatar
    David Loftis

    I personally don't like looking at policies trying to make decisions about which are the best value for me. So each year or so when it's time to compare policies I give Greg a call and he checks them out for me! I have complete confidence that he has my best interest at heart, and that gives me peace of mind, which is worth a lot these day! Thanks Greg!

    Lynn Hayden Avatar
    Lynn Hayden
  • Mr. Jason Fisher assisted with the supplemental insurance since I am now going to be of Medicare age. He was very patient with me; I may have asked the same questions over & over. Besides the phone calls, he provided easy to read information by email. Thank you for your assistance, I would refer you to my friends and family.

    Mary Azam Avatar
    Mary Azam

    Greg Downing deserves 10 stars!! I was given his contact information and went in with multiple issues flying blind. He successfully resolved each situation with the utmost responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge. I feel very fortunate to have found an advisor who has made the task of finding health insurance for several members of my family so much easier than expected!!

    Karen Zerrillo Avatar
    Karen Zerrillo

    My advisor Greg Downing was a champ: Smart, responsive and personable. I would highly recommend him to anyone

    dennis bailey Avatar
    dennis bailey
  • Jason is very knowledgable and is an excellent guide through the Medicare maze. Thank You Jason.!

    Kurt Banff Avatar
    Kurt Banff

    Starting Medicare is daunting. The information overload, conflicting statements and hours on hold, to get disconnected or be told to call another number. I was very confused and stressed. Then I was introduced to Greg Downing. After he talked me off the cliff, he took over and showed me what was available to develop a custom Medicare solution catered to my unique situation. He cut through the nonsense and documentation... read more

    Rick Polansky Avatar
    Rick Polansky

    We had a wonderful experience working with Greg Downing. He was on a short list of agents recommended by the Area Agency on Aging and I can see why. He was knowledgable and kind, and explained things in a way that made sense. He patiently answered questions, and steered us toward the right plan for my mom. I always run the numbers for peace of mind, but it soon became clear his recommendations were... read more

    Alisha Richards Avatar
    Alisha Richards
  • This review will be very straight forward. I have been in management for the past forty years, so I hope I know how to evaluate a persons performance. Greg was courteous, attentive to my goals and above all, knowledgeable. Finding the right coverage is daunting but paramount.Greg made the entire process seamless. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Greg for all the help.Wm. Risatti

    william risatti Avatar
    william risatti

    I submitted a request for Medicare supplemental insurance on line and Greg called me the first business day. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. He offered me several insurance companies to choose. On that same day, I decided on the plan that I think best for me with the reasonable price.I got approved and temporary ID card the following day.He was very efficient and so easy to communicate with. I'm glad that he had called me.

    Weiguo Zhu Avatar
    Weiguo Zhu

    I got Greg's name from a relative who also used him. My existing supplemental insurance company was about to raise my monthly premium to, in my opinion, an exorbitant level. I got the same good coverage through Greg's efforts and saved $127 per month ($1,524 per year). Greg is fast, efficient and a subject matter expert in health insurance. I highly recommend calling him.

    Steve Wenger Avatar
    Steve Wenger
  • I turn 65 next year and was lost with all the Medicare information and misinformation out there. Greg Downing guided me through the maze with knowledge, patience, and honesty. And he didn’t try to sell me something I don’t need. It’s good to know there are still people like Greg out there!

    Kennon Welch Avatar
    Kennon Welch

    Greg Downing is amazing and was able to save me a lot of money on my premiums and my prescription plan. I highly recommend him.

    Barbara Sorsdal Avatar
    Barbara Sorsdal

    Greg saved me hours of tedious research finding the right subsidized plan for this year. I needed a plan that would cover specific health care concerns (plural), plus an affordable monthly premium, and he effortlessly set me up with both in no time. (With a sense of humor to boot!) Highly recommend the man!

    Lisa Brown Avatar
    Lisa Brown
  • jason has provided good explanations for information that i missed or lacked and has excellent hand-holding abilities as we negotiate through selecting drug plans. he has provided invaluable, consistent help for our supplemental plans as well as with part D. yay for jason!you can use my first name publicly.

    Brooks Kasson Avatar
    Brooks Kasson

    Greg helped me save almost $200 a month with the same full coverage I previously had. He is efficient, professional, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. I am so blessed to have his help and to know he has all details correct and covered so when and if I need health benefits, I don't have to worry.

    Donna weller Avatar
    Donna weller

    Greg was absolutely wonderful! He took what promised to be a scary, overwhelming process and completely simplified it. Took no time and I am all done. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to avoid pitfalls and making a potentially bad, costly decision.

    renee mccall Avatar
    renee mccall
  • I was fortunate to work with Greg Downing recently when I retired and was struggling with my medicare options. He was very responsive and efficient, and quickly set me up with the supplements that I wanted. I greatly appreciate his clear and friendly way of communicating, and ability to quickly grasp what I needed ( in other words , he never made me feel stupid). I felt that he prioritized my needs, not his.... read more

    Carol Bubinas Avatar
    Carol Bubinas

    Jason Fisher has been there for us every step of the way, taking care of us even when we should have called Medicare of Mutual of Omaha. Thanks for going above and beyond for us.Jeannette and Denny Wagoner

    Jeannette Wagoner Avatar
    Jeannette Wagoner

    Jason has been very honest in helping me choose a good insurance policy for me. I have used his services for many years, and he has always been friendly, honest, fair and very professional. I hope to continue using his services as long as I need insurance! I thank him often for all his help, but maybe not often enough. Thank you again, Jason!! Barbara

    Barbara Scott Avatar
    Barbara Scott
  • Options clearly explained & questions answered. In the end new plan selection saves me money.

    Jim Sciarrino Avatar
    Jim Sciarrino

    I was not aware of the Medicare service to help choose a plan. A neighbor suggested I contact Jason and gave me his number. I contacted him, we went through the different options, and with his advise we chose the best Medicare option for me. He is very friendly and easy to talk to.Thanks Jason.

    Patricia Pickett Avatar
    Patricia Pickett

    I connected with Greg after much research. He has been extremely responsive and helpful. I am sure that he has spent more time than the fee he gets from the sale of insurance. He even helped me with Plan D plans that he didn't even represent. I would highly recommend Greg.

    Steve Presti Avatar
    Steve Presti
  • Greg Downing was wonderful, very knowledgeable and made signing up for Medicare a breeze. I appreciated how easy he was to talk with and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend him!!

    Denise Braun Avatar
    Denise Braun

    Greg Downing is definitely the "go to" person for Medicare coverage and advice. I have worked in the insurance industry for 50 years, and the first person I call when I have a question about Medicare plans and Supplements is Greg. He has saved me thousands of dollars over the last few years with his great advice. I have recommended him to all my friends!

    Susan Lancaster Avatar
    Susan Lancaster

    Greg Downing at Texas Medicare Advisors is a gift! I had spoken to many folks about signing up for Medicare and all of them had said they had done hours and hours of research online so I was dreading it. I found Texas Medicare Advisors online, called them and made an appointment with Greg and in a few hours I was all set. Greg is available, returns phone calls quickly, and has a lot of... read more

    Nancy Love Avatar
    Nancy Love

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