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Medicare Plan F Going Away?
25 Sep, 2018

Is Medicare Supplement Plan F going away in 2020?

What is Medigap Plan F? Medicare Beneficiaries choose to supplement their Original Medicare benefits with additional coverage that helps to cover the gaps. For decades, Medigap Plan F has been a top seller. This is largely because it covers all of the deductibles, coinsurance, and copays that would normally be your responsibility after Original Medicare […]

Medicare Cost Plan
10 Sep, 2018

Local Medicare Cost Plan Going Away!

We have had several calls from current Baylor Scott & White members concerned about their Medicare Cost Plans going away. What is a Medicare Cost Plan? Medicare Cost Plans were started back in the 1970’s to help beneficiaries in rural areas that didn’t have competing Medicare Advantage plan options. With the growth of Medicare Advantage […]

11 Apr, 2018

New Medicare Numbers and Cards are Coming!

Beginning in April, and continuing for a year, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will mail new identification cards to Medicare’s 55 million beneficiaries. These cards will replace the version in effect since 1965. (Historical note: The first Medicare card was issued to former President Harry S. Truman by then-President Lyndon B. […]

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