4 Reasons to Use a Local Independent Agent to Help You With Medicare

Local Independent Agent for Medicare Help
27 Aug, 2018

4 Reasons to Use a Local Independent Agent to Help You With Medicare

Are you getting bombarded with mail and phone calls about signing up for a Medicare Plan?

Are you confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information?

Are you having trouble making sense of it all?

If you use the services of a local Independent Agent that specializes in Medicare Plans, your transition to Medicare will be easy and stress free. Here are 4 reasons why we recommend using a local Independent Agent to eliminate the stress of finding the best Medicare solution for you.


1.   Get the most cost-efficient plan today and in the future.

An Independent Agent’s job is to help you start with and stay with the most cost-efficient insurance plan for you. A company agent or “captive agent” just wants to sell you a plan and run to the next prospect.

An Independent Agent (also known as a broker) has multiple solutions for Medicare Plans.  A captive Insurance Agent works for one specific insurance company and only has that company’s solution to offer.

Medicare insurance rates are based on many factors such as: age, gender, zip code/county, health issues, etc. The best plan for one person may not be the best plan for another person. That’s the trouble with using a company agent, they can only offer their company’s plan.

2.   It doesn’t cost you anything!

That’s right! Our service is FREE! When we help a client get enrolled in a Medicare plan, we get a small percentage, as a commission, from the insurance company. This commission does not affect the client’s premium or coverage at all. You will pay the same monthly premium if you do all the work yourself or if we help you. Folks are always surprised when we can save them money and all they had to do was ask for help.

3.  You can sit down and have a face-to-face meeting.

We have found most folks prefer a face-to-face meeting to discuss their Medicare options so they know who they are working with. When we meet with folks in our office, they grasp and retain information better, empowering them to feel confident in their Medicare choices.

Our office is conveniently located in Austin, Texas.

4.   ​Help you sign up for Medicare Part A, B, and D.

Signing up for a Medicare Supplement (or MediGap) Plan is easy…the hard part can be signing up correctly for all the other parts of Medicare like part A, B, and D (prescription drug coverage). By using a local Independent Agent, you can get all the necessary steps done for Medicare in one place at the lowest possible cost — stress free!

It is a winning situation for Medicare Beneficiaries that have their own local Independent Agent! Contact Us today so we may help you get signed up for the right Medicare plan to meet your needs and your financial situation.

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